Sunday, October 11, 2009

Alfredo and Italian Sausage Pizza

Our last Pillsbury crust pizza turned out so well and was so easy and quick I tried another one this week when we were in a crunch for what to have for dinner. This was one was really yummy too. As a side note, next time I will pre-bake the crust a bit, to avoid the middle being a little soggy. Also as a note, when that does happen or you are reheating left over pizza, throw a few slices on a lightly greased frying pan over med to get the bottom crispy again and then in the microwave to heat the top. Works like a charm.


Alfredo sauce
Roma tomatoes, sliced
mild Italian sausage, cooked
red onion, sliced thin
dollops of ricotta cheese
Italian blend shredded cheese sprinkled over top